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Ackeee Tree Children's Club is for children aged 6-15 years old. 

We offer the following:

1. Holiday Activity Club - outside of term time

2. Cooking Club - weekly term time sessions

3. Zoom classes - individual and group sessions

All our programmes are designed with the children at the centre. We provide badges and certificates for achievements which give children confidence in food and being in the kitchen. Our aim is to make sure every child we encounter gains skills for life to help them make better food choices in their future. 

Children's Activity Club

We are running Children's Cooking Clubs AND Holiday, Activity & Food (HAF) Clubs in 

Easter, Summer & Christmas until 2025!! 

Cooking Club

Weekly classes held currently in Newham for kids and adults.



Find some simple child friendly recipes to try at home.


Zoom Classes

Learn some simple recipes to complete at home as a family.

Some sessions are FREE


What are children, young people and their families say about us..

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